photoMany people often make the mistake of assuming that photographs at special events aren’t important. However, photographs are proven to be useful marketing materials for businesses and companies around the world.


Having a photographer at your corporate event is great for documentation. Not only can you use photos from this event as a way of looking back at where your business has been and where it will go, you can also use photos from your event on your business’ website and in digital, television, and print advertisements.


Some important company events you should seek a professional photographer for include award presentations, product launches, company parties, and promotion parties to name a few. If you are looking for a Washington, D.C. photographer to take professional photos at your corporate event, consider hiring the expert photographers at Event Photojournalism.



Event Photojournalism is an award-winning studio located in Lorton, Va. that specializes in storytelling through photos. Best for occasions you and your company wish to document, Event Photojournalism has a non-obtrusive approach to photography, assuring that all reactions are not staged, but are genuine.


The company can be commissioned for small, intimate dinners to large-scale events that could take up several days. Event Photojournalism has been able to photograph thousands of corporate, non-profit, political, social, and public events. Past clients include Oprah Winfrey, Pepsi-Cola, Audi, Toyota, Bank of America, Rabobank, AT&T, Library of Congress, Lacoste, Tiffany & Co. Vogue Magazine, No Kid Hungry, American Diabetes Foundation, the National Brain Tumor Foundation, Share Our Strength, Clark Construction, Berkshire Hathaway, and more.



Event Photojournalism brings, as you can see, a ton of experience and professionalism. Because of the unique storytelling style of photography used by the team, Event Photojournalism stands out from the crowd to deliver quality photographs to its companies and individuals. The team of skilled photographers are both professional and diverse and offers stunning photographs that will exceed your expectations. Whether clients are looking for candid photos of corporate events, food photography, or anything in between, Event Photojournalism offers premium services to ensure that all the client’s needs are met.



Event Photojournalism has covered virtually every type of corporate event. However, the company does have some information on a photo3few of the most common corporate events that are photographed and how Event Photojournalism can help.


Conferences are largely photographed because guests come together to discuss a common topic and exchange ideas. Many conferences feature special speakers who are either celebrities or leaders in their field. This is important for your company to document. The team at Event Photojournalism takes the time to understand your business and the topic of your conference and can beautifully capture key moments like the welcoming ceremony and special speaker presentation.


Corporate events should always be photographed as they often involve bringing in the media, stakeholders, and members of the community to announce new innovations and the strides your company is making or can be used to launch a new product. Whether your company is announcing its latest innovation or a new product, photos of the event are important. These photos can be used by the press, on your website, and even in advertisements to help show your company off. You can also use photos from your events when applying for awards through different trade competitions. No matter your needs, Event Photojournalism offers full-coverage with more than 27 years of experience.


Company parties are generally a lot more relaxed than other corporate events. The holiday season, for many companies, also brings holiday parties. Some companies also have parties year-round for their employees or their clients. Let the professional photographers at Event Photojournalism take photos of your employees or clients having fun at your event. The team can service any size holiday party or event. The customer service representatives with Event Photojournalism can help you budget and prepare for your party to make it fun for you and your guests.



So, if you are looking for event photography in Washington, D.C., look no further than Event Photojournalism. For more information, to ask for a cost estimate, or to schedule Event Photojournalism for your corporate event, visit the company online where you can fill out a contact form. You can also call 703-440-4086 or email info@eventphotojournalism.com. Event Photojournalism has two locations: the Washington, D.C. office is located at 1133 14th St., NW, and the Lorton, Va. office is located at 9204 Treasure Oak Court. You can also find them on Facebook, Pinterest and Google+

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