Lightroom presets and how they can help you.

baseAs a full-time photographer or perhaps someone who just has a passion for photography and enjoys it as a hobby, you’ll know more often than not we don’t have a lot of time for editing, it can be a delicate and time consuming process and of course any tools which can help us save time are always welcome. A great way to do this is use something called lightroom presets. What are these you may ask?


A Lightroom Preset is a pre-determined position all or at least most of the sliders in Lightroom this means you can essentially edit the photo to your liking and then save that exactly combination of slider positions for future use on another image.  If you’re looking for a good set then we would highly recommend this lightroom preset bundle from PresetBase who offer  a whole range of lightroom presets to suit all of your photography needs.

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