Expose Me- A book about beauty and nude model photography

My name is Harry, and I am a German photographer. Being who I am, I have always loved to capture the exquisite nature of the feminine beauty and persona in pictures. The love of the female physiology which many of us share has a very unique way of connecting the model, the photographer and users as such in ways you could never imagine. It’s sort of like an interconnection that the three parties share but cannot explain.


Before going any further, we would like to emphasize the magnitude of what we are talking about here. The photography industry has been subject to many changes as other industries but hasn’t had the ability to take a firm grip as it ought to. Reason being that of all industries today, the photography and modeling industry is one most subject to change.

This idea came as a result of the urge to search for a challenge, different ideas popped up but only one stuck. The idea of creating a set of captivating pictures with an unknown model, not only unknown to the general public but also unknown to me as well. Really exciting if we think about it right, it was a bold step in the right direction as a project of that magnitude with a new and unknown model could take any turn.  But a positive sense of the unknown kept us going.


For more than 10 years, the collaboration with business partner Ben in our photo studio, leading to the realization of the first volume of the creative project, “Expose Me” which soonest is to become a collection of photo books known all over the globe has become a reality with our beautiful model
“Miri” being at the centre stage of the first volume. Miri’s diverse poses and persona in display transcends this photo book from being just any array of pictures on display, rather it speaks loudly as easy to enjoy coffee table book with a whooping array of over 160 images, a collection of pictures that intrigue both readers and co-producers as well.

Become a part of the “Expose Me” project as the push forward of this project will help not only with the execution of not only the first volume but other volumes of the “Expose Me” photobook.


Your anticipated support and various feedback on this book will help the development of something that would not only dazzle your mind, but also stand the test of time. Models and photographers are also invited to participate in future editions as this is something that would shake the entire globe, I mean imagine it. This idea, the “Expose Me” idea is far more than a coffee table book but a photobook project, pleasing to the eye. We are really excited about the outlook of this project and looking forward to taking it to the next level with your support. It has come with a lot of challenges and positive’s but as a totality, with your help, it is ready to be where it was meant to be, which is the top and you can support this dream by clicking here, You can also visit them on Facebook here.  You can also jump straight in and support the project here.


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